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Hypnotherapy Brisbane.  MindOverMatter offers you and your family caring, effective and high quality Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy Services


Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Programs (Advanced & Basic)

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Quit Smoking Programs (Habitual & Emotional)

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Provides help with Anxiety, Stress, Fears, Motivation and other problems using Advanced Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy techniques

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Working with Elaine has been a very nurturing and fulfilling experience. Elaine has great intuition and is able to address any kind of emotional/psychological issues with great empathy. She is very down-to-earth and has a wonderful ability to make people feel at ease and comfortable. Elaine has helped me overcome some deep rooted insecurities through hypnosis and has introduced me to the Emotional Freedom Technique, a very effective and simple technique that can give incredibly immediate results.
I made the decision to have Virtual Gastric Band Therapy because I lacked will power and motivation to lose weight. I knew how to lose weight but I needed help to change. After my first session with Elaine, I immediately started eating less and drinking more water without any effort. I just didn’t feel like eating too much and as a result began losing weight and cm all around my body. I became motivated to exercise again and my whole demeanour changed. I am proud of my achievement and have become more confident and happy in myself.
First of all thank you for your help. I can honestly say that I am in far better spirits now than I was when we first met. I am still amazed at how quickly the results have been achieved. The results from this process have given me tools that have helped me to identify my triggers and to manage them into calmer behaviour. The results are that I am clearer in my thinking and able to be far more effective with my work and family. Thank you so much for your help I will be sure to refer your services to anyone looking for this type of help.




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