Hypnosis – is it worth a try? – a safe natural alternative

How about you suspend your disbelief and give it a go? I think we all know someone who has tried it?  You have heard some good stories and maybe some that are not so good.  But the hype and mystic around the word hypnosis continues. As a practitioner for the last 10 years I see so much evidence that all is does is positive good things.  I will never pretend that I get 100% success rate but in almost every case it reduces stress and [...]

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5 Signs Your Metabolism Needs a Boost

5 Signs Your Metabolism Needs A Boost We all know someone who seems to be able to eat whatever they want, whenever they want and never gain a pound/kilo. As an added bonus they also seem to have toned muscles, shiny lustrous hair and great clear skin and often have boundless energy. So is this what happens when your metabolism is working at the highest level?  Unfortunately too many of us suffer from a slow or sluggish metabolism.  So how do you know which category you fall into? I [...]

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Under 40’s in a Belly Fat War!

Are you under 40 and either gaining weight or struggling to lose it?  Some academics in the US might have found a possible reason that is not related to food choices. A research study conducted by the Wake Forest University School of Medicine found that there is a clear link between lack of SLEEP and the build up of visceral fat (belly fat).  Many of us are aware of the risks associated with having excess fat around those organs – heart disease, metabolic conditions, insulin [...]

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11 Things That Happy People Do Differently

As I look outside, the Brisbane sun is shining and temp is probably around 20 degrees yet I search for clues as to why I feel unusually flat these days. Is it that winter slump (people do go into hibernation you know), is it that I have put so much into the first half of the year my mind and body are craving some respite or perhaps giving up the red wine was not the best move! But seriously, we all feel this way from time to [...]

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How To Dissolve Stress In Under 2 Minutes

"It's not stress that causes us to fall, it's how we respond to it" Stress is all around and it's something we just have to live with in today's world but the challenge should be about how we manage it, how we respond to it. Of all the people who visit a GP  this year almost 80% will have stress as a component of their illness. This is because our bodies and our minds don't function properly when we are stressed and long term stress can actually [...]

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Fear of Success – 5 Tips To Beat It

Imagine this scenario, Mary has been running a successful small business for 5 years. She met Joel who has a business in a similar field. He has the same ideals and passion and is really interested in working with Mary to take their businesses to the next level. After a really positive meeting with Mary he asked her to let him know if she's interested in working together by the following Friday. Mary always hoped for an opportunity like this, she believes that her knowledge, skills, experience and the [...]

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2 Simple Tips To Long Lasting Love

It’s that time of the year again where there is a touch of love in the air. Valentines day, although now so commercialised I wonder how many of us still look for some token that we are loved. That someone cares enough to send a card, give us flowers or take us to dinner. It seemed timely that I write something on love so I went looking for a definition. Not an easy feat in fact it was really hard to find a definition that [...]

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Scientists Find The Key To Happiness

I have a poster in my bedroom which says: Happiness Live Much Laugh Often Love Well But is it really that simple. How easy is it to be happy and what causes happiness? As I started looking into this I came across some research by a Dr Robb Rutledge that I feel covers part of what happiness may be all about.  He developed this mathematical formula: What this means is that happiness depends on your expectations. More on the happiness equation here Dr. Robb Rutledge who is a Senior Research [...]

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