5 Signs Your Metabolism Needs a Boost

5 Signs Your Metabolism Needs A Boost

We all know someone who seems to be able to eat whatever they want, whenever they want and never gain a pound/kilo. As an added bonus they also seem to have toned muscles, shiny lustrous hair and great clear skin and often have boundless energy. So is this what happens when your metabolism is working at the highest level?  Unfortunately too many of us suffer from a slow or sluggish metabolism.  So how do you know which category you fall into?

  1. I gain weight much easier than losing it

This is the number one sign of a slow and sluggish metabolism: Your old weight loss tricks simply don’t seem to work anymore and the older you get the harder it becomes.  (Might be best to get your GP or Medical Practitioner to check you out if you have either unexplained weight gain)

  1. I can’t lose weight no matter how much I exercise

I used to tell my clients that the weight loss equation is easy to understand, reduce the amount you eat, increase your exercise and you will lose weight.  Well that is not necessarily so.  The idea was that if you exercise enough you will burn all the calories/kilojoules and hey presto, weight loss.  Well, latest research  seems to indicate that for some of us, in fact most of us it’s NOT about calories/kilojoules,  it’s all about the types of foods you eat and the nutrients you get from those foods that’s most important.  Moving and exercise are important but if weight loss is your goal then the food you put into your body (the nutrients) will be the determining fact on whether you succeed or fail.

  1. I gain weight even when I eat next to nothing

How many times have I heard this in my clinic.  Two reason people don’t lose weight; they either eat too much or not enough.  When you restrict food, your body thinks there is a famine happening and your metabolism moves into fat storing mode.  Your body starts to believe that it needs to store fat for the future to ensure your survival.  Not what you want!  You actually need to feed your body and your metabolism to lose weight. The key is feeding it the right foods,  foods high in nutrients, to ramp up that metabolic fire.

  1. Is Your Thyroid Healthy

The thyroid is not only a metabolic superstar, but it also shares responsibility for healthy skin, hair and nails.  Indicators that your thyroid is not working efficiently is skin that is dry or cracked and particularly around the heal area. Hair loss can be another indicator of  thyroid problems. (If you experience any of this get your GP/Medical Practitioner to check your thyroid)

  1. The dreaded afternoon cravings

Do you crave sugar, particularly in the afternoon?  Your adrenal glands are responsible for telling your body to release stored fat for fuel, particularly as the afternoon drags on. When that doesn’t happen (due to a slow metabolism), blood sugar drops and your body creates a signal for you to eat something that can give you a quick and easy energy boost    If this happens to you, you know that it’s a vicious cycle because those foods don’t provide energy for very long and you find your blood sugar spiking then falling again. A fast metabolism, however, can regulate blood sugar to give you energy all day, without the sudden drops.

The good news

Even if you have a slow metabolism, there are things you can do today to change that.  One way is using the power of your mind to boost your metabolism and I have created a YouTube video to help you do just that. Listen to this session as many times as you need to and notice how much better you feel how much more energy you have. Remember the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined so if you imagine your metabolism working more efficiently, if you imagine eating healthily and moving more then you conscious mind believes it.  For more ideas to improve your metabolism click here 


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