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Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Brisbane

Clinical Hypnotherapy and PsychotherapyElaine Martin has successfully helped thousands of people Quit Smoking.  Her Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Brisbane Programs work but you must be ready to give it away.  Hypnosis is not magic and you cannot be made to do anything you don’t want to do.    Ask yourself the question, are you ready to rid yourself of cigarettes for good?

Before you read the detail about Elaine’s Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Brisbane programs, take a minute to consider and calculate the following:

  • How much do you spend on cigarettes per week?
  • Multiply that number by 52
  • What does it cost you in $ to smoke for one year?
  • Now multiply that by the number of years you have been smoking

Are you surprised, are you shocked, did you think you were spending this amount of money? The cost to do the Smoking Intervention Program is a fraction of this amount. After only 1 or 2 sessions you will find smoking something you used to do.

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There are 4 questions to determine whether you are ready to stop smoking. These are:

  • Is it you that wants to stop smoking?
  • Is there anyone else home that smokes?
  • Are cigarettes still your friend?
  • Is it your time to put them down?

I will discuss this with you prior to starting the programs.

The Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Programs – What’s Involved

Habitual smoking is typically easy to deal with and usually dealt with in 1 or 2 sessions.   Smoking to reduce anxiety, to increase confidence, to settle your nerves, to calm you down will take a bit more effort and normally around 5 sessions.  It’s important to recognise that if you give up smoking using the one session option, but you are smoking for emotional reasons, you will find that eventually you give in to the cigarette or substitute it for some other habitual behaviour like eating too much.  This is because you have not dealt with the emotions attached to smoking habit.  Whatever category you think you fall into the first step is to book in to attend an Initial Review Session.

The Initial Review Sessions  runs for 1 hr and covers 3 main things:

Firstly I take a thorough in-depth history, so I have a good understanding of your background including family relationships, school years etc and your relationship with smoking over the years. I may at this point evaluate your current stress levels if this is appropriate.

Secondly, I raise your awareness and explain why you feel the way you do and why you are unable to permanently change your habits around smoking.  I also help you to understand why you are responding the way you are and what is happening within the subconscious part of your mind.  I use an enhanced version of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to explain this.

Finally,  I explain hypnosis, how it works and why it works.  At this point I will advise on what I believe to be the best way forward, including which program would be best suited to your long terms needs, how long it will take and how much it will cost.

The biggest reason that any therapy fails is due to a lack of trust or discomfort and the chances of success are hugely increased when you have rapport, trust, belief and confidence in your therapist.  You also need to be ready and make a commitment to do the work as there will be things outside of the sessions that you are required to do to get the best results.  This session also allows you to evaluate whether you are ready and also that this is the right therapy for you.

Smoking Intervention Basic – If you are a Habitual Smoker

1. I need to get some information about why, where and when you smoke to tailor the program to you. So I will send you out some information for you to complete prior to your first session
2. I need you to come to your first hypnotherapy appointment with a craving for a cigarette – you have to stop smoking at least 4/5 hours before you come to your appointment. The bigger the craving the more successful the session.
3. Session 1 runs for 90 minutes and you will leave feeling positive, free of your craving, and ready to start your journey as a non smoker.
4. During that first week you will use a number of  helpful tools and techniques you will learn during the session to help you through the first 7 days.
5. You will also be asked to keep a diary of any cravings or triggers if you have them which will be used in Session 2 if you need it.
6. You will receive a MP3 download to help reinforce the session.
7. If you are still smoking after a week, even 1 or 2 cigarettes then make an appointment for Session 2.
8. The 2nd session runs for 60 minutes and reinforces the suggestions from the 1st session as well as focusing on triggers or new connections that have come up since your first visit.

Smoking Intervention Advanced – If you Smoke Mainly For Emotional Reasons

The advanced program includes hypno-analytic work which allows you to understand where the emotions around the smoking habit come from.  Through understanding, neutralising and then reframing you will find that those emotional triggers will become a thing of the past.  We go into this in more details during the session.

What Makes This Different From All Other Quit Smoking Programs?

1. This program has evolved and improved over 7 years with input from client feedback.
2. The program is tailored to you hence the reason I ask you to prepare some information before the session.
3. The Basic program uses a mixture of Parts/Ego State Therapy as well as the traditional suggestion therapy and this allows me to penetrate deeper into the subconscious.  The advanced program uses deep hypno-analytical techniques.
4. The success rate of this program is high even after 1 session it’s 84%, for those who truly smoke for habitual reasons. Although nothing has a 100% success rate you can rest assured that the large majority who have embarked on this program have stopped smoking for good.
5. I provide you with a audio download which reinforces and stimulates the neural pathways in your brain to continue the process of reprogramming your mind as well as access to my youtube channel for further help and motivation.

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