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sleep meditation

This beautiful, enchanting and calming bedtime story will help lull your child into a deep and easy sleep.  Using guided meditation, visualisation and soft music most kids will be fast asleep before they reach the end.  Use as often as is required.  Preview in iTunes

mindful relaxation

Ideal for Stress Relief.  Using gentle hypnosis, guided meditation and visualisation to help guide you into a beautifully calm and relaxed state within your mind. Accompanied by very soft and tranquil music this helps your mind float into a wonderful stillness, a place of peace.  Preview in iTunes

guided morning meditation

This Guided Morning Medication has been created in collaboration with Michael Sealey.  Created to firstly help calm and relax your mind. As the track continues, using visualisation, gentle suggestions and uplifting music you will find yourself feeling more energised, focused and positive by the end of the session.     Preview in iTunes

believe and achieve

A relaxing but motivating hypnosis track to help you believe that you can achieve whatever you choose to achieve.   By helping you to refocus, to reconnect to that belief which is deep inside of you I gently remind you that you are more than capable of achieving anything you set your mind to.  Preview in iTunes

guided meditation

This Guided Meditation has been created to help you to focus on the times when you felt good about yourself, when you triumphed, succeeded, no matter how small the win was you have been there, we all have.  Preview in iTunes

gentle hypnosis for kids

Through gentle suggestion your child is guided towards sleep using their imagination and daydreaming skills, a state that kids are very comfortable with. This track will help them feel both relaxed and calm and the act of drifting off to sleep will just happen naturally. This video runs for just under 12 minutes and can be used as often as is necessary.   Preview in iTunes

refresh and rejuvenate

This Guided Meditation session is all about helping you to Refresh and Rejuvenate your 5 senses.   A little mini boost to help you deal with the rush and emotional roller coaster we often find ourselves on and provide some well deserved stress relief.      Preview in iTunes

overcome limiting beliefs

This Guided Meditation is about helping you to release these old, outdated beliefs that may no longer serve a purpose, the limiting beliefs that stop you from moving forward.  Start living the life you have always dreamt of.     Preview in iTunes

deep relaxing sleep

 This hypnosis session has been created to help you sleep.  By helping your body and then your mind move into a state of profound relaxation you can find that all the troubles of the day just melt away. The soft calming music pacifies you and my words soothe and guide you to sink into a relaxing and deep sleep. This track can be listened to as often as you need.      Preview in iTunes

gentle confidence building

This Gentle Hypnosis session is all about helping your child to deal with the insecurities they may feel when dealing with change, emotional upsets and/or the many challenges kids face just being kids.  Through gentle suggestion and storytelling techniques your child is guided towards believing they can achieve anything they put their mind to.   Preview in iTunes

gentle hypnosis for bed wetting

This Hypnosis Session is all about helping your child to sleep through the night without wetting the bed.  Through gentle suggestion your child is guided towards believing they are the boss of their mind using their imagination and daydreaming skills, a state that kids are very comfortable with.  Preview in iTunes