Research Shows that Self-Hypnosis Can Improve Your Mental Health And Enhance Brain Function

Research Shows that Self-Hypnosis Can Improve Your Mental Health And Enhance Brain Function

Did you know that we have close of 70,000 pieces of information thrown at us every day from written material, social media, internet, advertising, TV, verbal communications etc and that up to 70% of those are believed to be negative.

Being constantly bombarded with those negative thoughts and emotions causes stress, anxiety, worry, insecurities, fear, anger, frustration etc and over time can create changes in the way we feel and think and in the way we react and respond to certain situations. Those changes can impact our belief and value systems and affect our emotional health and well being as we lose the ability to relax and calm our minds.  The complexity of life today means that many of us don’t even know how to relax any more.

Now trying to limit your exposure to the external chatter can be really difficult but a very effective way to limit those negative thoughts and reduce stress is with meditation.

Benefits of Self-Hypnosis

The benefits of meditation and self-hypnosis are quite astounding as my research uncovered close of 3,000 scientific studies conducted from the early 1970’s showing that as a bare minimum you can expect to feel a deep sense of relaxation, reduced stress levels and a general feeling of well being.

It has also been shown that  regular/daily meditation/self-hypnosis can help with anxiety, stimulate new brain cell formation, and slow down the rate of brain cell aging.

But anyone who has tried traditional meditation can tell you that quieting your mind this way is not easy and that it can take years of practice to get really good at it.

So let’s leave “meditation” per se to the monks and consider self-hypnosis or guided meditation  By having someone guide you into a deep state of focused attention you can find yourself easily accessing those deeper parts of your mind resulting in reduced mind chatter and the ability to fully and deeply relax.  Your physical body slides into a state of release and you  find it much easier to go where your mind wants to take you.

In order to enhance this experience even further let me introduce you to BINAURAL BEATS – this is a form of sound technology which can induce the same brainwave state as deep meditation by simply listening to certain sounds.

When two tones of  specific frequencies are played through headphones, the brain becomes confused and produce its own, imagined tone—a three-dimensional audio hallucination heard only within the head of the listener. The frequencies that produce this phenomenon are known as Binaural Beats.

What is happening is that the brain is not used to hearing frequencies in each ear so close together and with such intensity—these sounds do not occur in nature and so a mechanism in our brains has not evolved to understand them. Instead, the superior olivary nucleus, the area of the brain which controls aspects of three-dimensional sound perception, bridges the difference between the varying frequencies in Binaural Beats with a common “third tone” in an attempt to normalize this audio into something we can understand. What’s weirder is that each person hears the “third tone” differently:

Since each ear has to perceive a different frequency for binaural beats to be created, binaural beats are best experienced when the two tones are heard through stereo earphones

Using binaural beats technology is claimed to bring about the same state as in meditation, but faster.

If you want to know more about how these brain waves work click here

A number of research studies found that using the binaural beats technology together with guided meditation/self-hypnosis was beneficial in the following situations:

Alzheimer’s, ADD, behavioural disorders, cognitive decline, increased creativity, dementia, depression, reduced stress, anxiety, worry, relief of headaches, including migraines, help with learning disabilities and learning disorders, memory and mental disorders, relief from pain, premenstrual syndrome, improved sleep, verbal learning, help with motivation and focus

Binaural Beats Warnings

Binaural beats could be a problem if you have epilepsy or an irregular heartbeat, especially if you have a pacemaker.

Since brain waves and heart rhythms are both electrical patterns, it is theoretically possible that listening to binaural beats could trigger seizures or disrupt heartbeat rhythm in susceptible people.

 Listen and Learn Self-Hypnosis

The use of binaural beats sound technology together with self-hypnosis is an easy shortcut to achieve a meditative state of consciousness.

My latest self-hypnosis video Learn The Art of Self-Hypnosis Using Binaural Beats (f0r Stress and Anxiety Relief) uses the binaural beat technology and you can access it above.  Make sure you listen to this video over a few days or weeks for best results.

Getting into the habit of meditating daily has significant health benefits. So have a go and enjoy

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